Head of the Institution


    Er. A.K.Singh B.E (Civil Engg.) Principal

Training And Placement Officer
Name: Pulkit Kumar (TPO)
Qualification: MBA (Marketing)
Work Exp.: 09 Yrs
Contact No.:  9528140006 , 9457000808 
Email Id: pulkit839@yahoo.in

 Department of  Electrical  Engineering 

Name: Umendra Tomar (Lecturer) Name:  Shweta Singh (Lecturer)  
Qualification: B.Tech Qualification: B.Tech  
Work Exp.: 05 Yrs Work Exp.: 1.5 Yrs  
Contact No.: 8650195253 Contact No.: 8433131965  
Email Id: umendra110@gmail.com Email Id:  123shwetasinghgaur@gmail.com  

 Department Of  Electronics  Engineering 

Name: Prabhat Chauhan  (Lecturer & Associate. NCC Officer Name: Priyanka Yadav(Lecturer) Name: Peeyush Pratap Singh  (Lecturer) Name:   MunendraSingh(Lecturer)
Qualification: B.Tech Qualification: B.Tech , M.Tech Qualification: B.E. ,  M.Tech Qualification: B.Tech , M.Tech
Work Exp.: 10 Yrs Work Exp.: 13 Yrs Work Exp.: 12 Yrs Work Exp.: 04 Yrs
Contact No.: 8433262722 Contact No.: 7300987064 Contact No.: 9528221284 Contact No.: 8279980455
Email Id: prabhatchauhan2722@gmail.com Email Id: priya.pari8@gmail.com EmailId:peeyush.singh.1987@gmail.com Email Id: munendrasinghece@gmail.com

 Department of Civil Engineering

Name: Sanjay raj gupta (Lecturer) Name: Praveen Kr. Vidyarthi(Lecturer)    Name: Sunil Singh(Lecturer)  
Qualification: B.Tech , M.Tech Qualification: Diploma  in Civil Engg. A.M.I.E (India) Qualification: B.Tech  M.Tech    
Work Exp.: 35 Yrs Work Exp.: 36 Yrs Work Exp.: 03 Yrs  
Contact  No.: 9411625387                      Contact No.: 9759388528 Contact No.: 8126629797  
Email Id: sanjayrajgupta602@gmail.com          Email Id: vidhrthipk08@gmail.com                              Email Id: singhsunil706@gmail.com  

 Department of  Computer Science & Engineering

Name: Kaushlendra Singh chauhan (Lecturer) Name: Deepesh Asthana (Lecturer) Name: Rajneesh Kumar(Lecturer)
Qualification: B.Tech  M.Tech Qualification: B.Tech  PGDSDA Qualification: B.Tech  M.Tech
Work Exp.: 13 Yrs Work Exp.: 12Yrs Work Exp.: 12 Yrs
Contact No.: 9456674100 Contact No.: 9897134972 Contact No.: 9411433329
Email Id: ks_chauhan81@rediffmail.com Email Id: deepesh.asthana@gmail.com Email Id: rsrjneesh05@gmail.com
Department Of  Mathematics
Name: Riyazuddin(Lecturer) Name:  Prity Bansal(Lecturer)
Qualification: M.sc(B.Ed) Qualification: M.Sc 
Work Exp.: 11 Yrs Work Exp.: 06 Yrs
Contact No.: 8923909067 Contact No.: 7762052858
Email Id: riyazrbs@gmail.com Email Id: prity.1301@gmail.com
Lecturers (Physics)
Name: Peeyush Srivastav(Lecturer) Name: Preeti Singh( Lecturer)  
Qualification: M.Phil, M.Sc,B.Ed Qualification: M.Sc  
Work Exp.: 05 Yrs Work Exp.: 1.5 Yrs  
Contact No.: 9997738879 Contact No.: 8077363643  
Email Id: piyushsrivastav23@gmail.com Email Id: preeti196singh@gmail.com  
Lecturers (Chemistry)
Name: Shikha Singh(Lecturer)  
Qualification: Phd. M.Phil, M.Sc  
Work Exp.: 23 Yrs  
Contact No.: 8958897792  
Email Id: shikhasinghadc@gmail.com  
Lecturers (Professional Communication)
Name: Manali Nigam Lecturer) Name: Sweekriti Sethi(Lecturer)
Qualification: Phd. MA Qualification: Phd.
Work Exp.: 12 Yrs Work Exp.: 1.5 Yrs
Contact No.: 9410284749 Contact No.: 9358341975
Email Id: manalinigam18@gmail.com Email Id: sweekriti285sethi@gmail.com

 Lecturers  (Department of  Mechanical Engineering )

Name: Uma shankar Gupta(Lecturer)   Name: Gaurav pratap singh (Lecturer)
Qualification: Diploma in Mechanical   Qualification: B.Tech , M.Tech
Work Exp.: 37 Yrs   Work Exp.: 05 Yrs
Contact No.: 9897509516   Contact No.: 8755263358
Email Id: umashankargupta26@gmail.com   Email Id: gauravpsingh05@gmail.com
Name: Sandeep Kumar(Lecturer) Name: Nitin Kr. Bansal (Lecturer) Name: Ankit Satsangi (Lecturer)
Qualification: B.Tech , M.Tech Qualification: B.Tech Qualification: B.Tech , M.Tech
Work Exp.: 06 Yrs Work Exp.: 01 Yrs Work Exp.: 08 Yrs
Contact No.: 9997585449 Contact No.: 9068741301 Contact No.: 7617729777
Email Id: shuklasuccess@gmail.com Email Id: nitinkumarbansal8@gmail.com Email Id: ankitsatsangi007@gmail.com

Workshop Instructors

Name: Shankar lal verma (Instructor) Name: Pratap Singh (Instructor)
Qualification:Diploma in Mechanical Engg. Qualification: Diploma   in Advance Wood Working , T.T.C
Work Exp.: 24 Yrs Work Exp.: 24  Yrs
contact No.: 7830030184 contact No.: 9759214851
Email Id:shankar171974@gmail.com Email Id:pratapsinghbichpuri@gmail.com
  Name: Kapil Kumar  (Instructor)   Name: Saurabh Rajpoot (Instructor)
Qualification:  C.T. I Qualification:  Diploma in Mechanical Engg.
Work Exp.: 07 Yrs Work Exp.: 05 Yrs
contact No.: 8630154785 contact No.: 7055574921
Email Id: kapilkk2015@gmail.com Email Id: saurabhrajput1501@gmail.com
Name: Raghvendra Singh (Instructor)  
Qualification: Diploma in Mechanical Engg.  
Work Exp.: 06 Yrs  
contact No.: 9997892338
Email Id: raghvendrasingh955@gmail.com

Computer Programmer

    Name: Pawan Kumar(Computer Programer)
  Qualification:  B.Tech
  Work Exp.: 05 Yrs
  contact No.: 8178743269
  Email Id: ppawan71@gmail.com