The rapid advances in technology and the ever increasing competitiveness in the nation's economy, have generated a high need of competent engineers, technocrats, and technical professionals who can manage and lead organizations into the future. While on the one hand, this has widened the scope of Engineering Colleges in India, it has on the other, posed many challenges to them. Today, the need is to have an engineering education that fosters creativity in dealing with ambiguity, sharpens interpersonal communication skills, emphasizes both interdependence and independence which encourages overall integration of pieces of knowledge into one so that the problems of organizations as an organic entity can be dealt and solved properly. We at RBS Polytechnic are continuously striving to this end by offering Engineering programmes that fulfill the requirements of the country.

As an initiative step in this direction, RBS Polytechnic has launched the Polytechnic  programmes in  Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics Engineering,  & Mechanical Engineering .We at RBS Polytechnic firmly believe that these programmes will be instrumental in fulfilling the needs of quality technical education at the undergraduate level in the region.


            Er. Anil Kumar Singh